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You are Frank the grey fox, an environmentalist and animal lover.

You have broken into the largest freshwater tank at C-World, a marine animal theme park.

Avoid the searchlights and rescue as many fish as you can before you get caught!!


Steer: Z+X

Hook: Arrow keys

Release: Space


Score 1000+ points for a special game over screen. Press P for piano.

You may have to enable pop-ups for the tweet button to work.

Art, music, programming, and sound effects by me!  

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Difficult, Fishing, Furry, Non violent, Retro, Short, Stealth
Average sessionA few minutes


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Managed to pick up the game on sale, made some kind of bonus


I got to 1208 after two days of trying and it was absolutely worth it. Great game!


Good job! I appreciate the comment :0)


Finally got 1052 :D



Having a lot of fun with this one! My only issue is that whenever I close the game (playing on the itch app) my high score is reset to zero. For high-score-keeping purposes this is a tad annoying, but a minor complaint all the same. Great work overall!

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Playing for a short time and got 535 points and still wanting to play more and more and more and more

Edit: Reached 1012 points and saw the special game over screen!


having so much fun w this!! sometimes the hitboxes are a little unclear (especially for the boat) and i wish i could remap the tools bc i busted my up arrow but cute and enjoyable!! very hard though i haven't been able top 800 points

the art is so wonderful i am in love with frank's sprite


Really love that music


frank is stealing precious gems, money, and radio technology from this place. you can even tell the fish don't want to be rescued as they are actively struggling when you try to catch them, meaning they are most likely in a secure habitat where they are taken care of well. frank isn't the good guy, frank is the bad guy.


ok c-world apologist...  just looking at the tank tells u these animals are not properly cared for in this commercialized nightmare park. there is barely any enrichment items besides three seaweed stalks, and the fish are possibly not even compatible species to co-habitate.  frank isn't stealing any gems, he is fishing out unsafe items that are being thrown into the tank.  the animals could easily choke on or these or get stuck in their digestive track. frank is risking his life sneak into the theme park and capture the fish - of course the fish are panicking it is a stressful situation and they do not know any better! i refuse to hear this slander, only rich elites and folks still trapped in propaganda would see frank, robin hood or any other freedom fighter figure as the bad guy. / jk


how do you know there aren't any other enrichment items? we are only looking at a section of the tank, clearly this is just one of the sections the fish swim between to get to the more specialized habitats, and where do you think those items come from? they come from people trying to sabotage the tank, throwing their assets and technology into the tank to try to bankrupt the company, and for what? to destroy this place which provides a suitable habitat for fishes that might not be able to live in the wild due to this changing climate and allows people to view the wonders of ocean life who might otherwise not be able to? c-world is trying to preserve what is in danger, and this struggling company is getting repeatedly raided by people like frank.


wow shill how much do they pay you for this PR? let's not kid ourselves that a establishment with this high level of security is anywhere near the red. and how does c-world make so much money? wealthy patrons with lots of money to throw around (literally in this case). its not clear whether they simply do not have any signs up telling people not to throw things in the tank, or if they actively encourage guests to treat this enclosure like a wishing well but in either case its clear more budget is put into spotlights than safety precautions for the animals.  while its possible this section of the screen is transfer area rather than a full habitat, it still does not address whether or not its safe for these species to be in the same enclosure. and also if its meant as a tunnel, it should be completely clear of obstructions so the fish do not get stuck and having anything in here is clear negligence. c-world does not care about conservation of  these creatures  like an aquarium or nature reserve, they are a for profit business and will not only cut corners to save costs but also ruthlessly hunt down any perceived threat to their assets. 


why do you think they put in those spotlights? to prevent people from messing with the tank of course! franks buddies are throwing these things into the tank for him to steal, and you say that c-worlds active effort to prevent people from throwing off this tanks delicate ecosystem is not for the fishes well being? shame on you, c-world has delicately balanced these fish in an attempt to save endangered species. their budget was boosted because they're important for the fate of biodiversity! frank is "freeing" these fish into a world that is becoming less and less habitable by the second and c-world might be the only way for these fish to survive at all. maybe you should stop contributing to the negative bias that encourages people like frank to profit off of the active endangering of animals.


thanks for the fantasy internet argument tho, was nice while it lasted.


This was fun. Thanks!


i adore this thank you


This is cute but almost unplayable with a german keyboard, where Z+X are at far apart, X is left and Z right. Why not use WASD like most games? :(


It's not a perfect solution, but -- there are programs out there that let you remap your controls manually, I think.  More accessibly, if you temporarily swap your keyboard's language settings over to US English, Z and X will be the two keys just to the right of left shift.  I have my keyboard set up to be able to swap between entering English and Spanish, and in Spanish mode some of my punctuation turns into a quick way to add accents onto letters.

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I love this so much


hi will :) nice game,,, i like it alot!


Nice NES style.Very good. 


Nice try! Keep up making games (if you have enthusiasm)!

Thanks! I will!


but he never actually did.


suprised you replied to this, what do you think of my frank is the bad guy theory?

I like it! Frank is a morally ambiguous kinda guy.